Published and Accepted Papers

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6. Back, Kerry, Alan D. Crane, and Kevin Crotty.  "Skewness Consequences of Seeking Alpha"  Forthcoming - Review of Financial Studies

Crane, Alan D., Kevin Crotty, Sébastien Michenaud, and Patricia Naranjo.  "The Causal Effects of Short-Selling Bans:  Evidence from Eligibility Thresholds"  Forthcoming - Review of Asset Pricing Studies

8. Crane, Alan D. and Kevin Crotty.  "How Skilled are Security Analysts?" Forthcoming - Journal of Finance

Working Papers

"Hedge Funds and Public Information Acquisition" with Kevin Crotty and Tarik Umar

"The Litigation Environment of a Firm and its Impact on Financial Policy.''

Is There a Disposition Effect in Corporate Investment Decisions?: Evidence from Real Estate Investment Trusts'' with Jay C. Hartzell - Under revision for second round review